Social Security Disability Insurance Integration

    Hey everybody, it’s Kraig Strom from, Brought to you again here today from Victoria, British Columbia. Just an absolutely gorgeous morning and another lesson on Disability Insurance 101 brought to you courtesy of my paycheck. Because without my paycheck, … Read the rest


    Own Occupation vs Any Occupation

    Kraig:​Kraig Strom with I’m here at Victoria British, Columbia. All I can say is that, without my paycheck I wouldn’t be here. Without my paycheck, I wouldn’t be at this beautiful occasion enjoying the scenery behind me.  We’re going … Read the rest


    What is COLA?

    Hey everybody. It’s Kraig Strom with continuing the Disability Insurance 101 video blog posting series. Now, so again, if you missed the first one, I am going through my own disability insurance policies. I believe strongly in disability insurance … Read the rest


    Disability Insurance 101

    Kraig:​Okay, it’s Kraig Strom with I’ve got to try and not to say, “Okay,” every time I turn this darn recorder on. Every time I turn it on, I end up saying, “Okay.” So, hey this is Kraig Strom … Read the rest


    Protect your lifestyle – Disability Insurance

    Over 400 people become disabled every 10 minutes in the US. Is your paycheck Properly insured? What would happen to your families lifestyle I you could not work? Could you still afford to live in your home or even keep … Read the rest


    Roadway Mayhem-Disability Insurance

    This collection of car accidents is funny and disturbing at the same time. Can people really be this bad? It just goes to show you that you can do everything right and still end up broken.


    Final Run of the Season- Disability Insurance

    Last night, my daughter and I went wake boarding at Mountain High! To say it was slushy is an understatement. The best part was that the place was mostly empty. The weather was still cold enough to feel like we … Read the rest


    Kangaroo SmackDown – Disability Insurance

    Accidents happen when you least expect it. Like when you are standing by a pond minding your own business. Then…. WHAM! A kangaroo kicks you in the butt and knocks you into the water!

    Eye Opening Facts:
    •Half of business … Read the rest