The Epitome of Greatness – ALS

Frank Szatkowski is an example someone I’d like to emulate be as a father and husband. He was successful in his practice as a dentist and he was active in the lives of his children. Despite his great health and … Read the rest


Gettin Wet This Summer – Is your paycheck insured?

My daughter and I went rafting on the Arkansas river in Colorado two weeks ago. We had one close call but we were able to keep our friend in the boat. A day earlier, a raft flipped and everyone went … Read the rest


When Dogs Attack

Most people think that accidents happen at work or during hazardous activities. Truth is that fails can happen at any time, even when you are trying to push the dog in the lake!

Almost 3 in 10 workers entering the Read the rest


Wild Ride – River Rafting

One of the least predictable adventure activities I can think of is white water rafting. The water levels and speed are constantly changing and no matter how good your guide is, they can’t avoid all danger. Check out the two … Read the rest


No Dads In The Pool

Disability is lurking all around us. Some go out of their way to find it on their own. Check out the beer in the dad’s hand when he tries to get in the kiddie pool. Great way to break a … Read the rest


Low Flying Geese

If a friend every says “Here, hang on to this rope and I will yank you off the dock. Oh, you’ve never done this before? Don’t worry, what’s the worst that could happen?” Maybe you should think twice about getting … Read the rest


Diving Board Back Flop

First of all, I don’t know if I would be cool jumping off this board into that little pond but he goes for it and pays the price. This could have been a back breaker.


Just Flip More

The coaching she gets just before she takes off is priceless. You can’t buy great quality advice like that.