The Epitome of Greatness – ALS

Frank Szatkowski is an example someone I’d like to emulate be as a father and husband. He was successful in his practice as a dentist and he was active in the lives of his children. Despite his great health and … Read the rest


Disability Insurance 101 – Definition of Insanity

Hey everybody. It’s Kraig Strom with brokendude.com, Disability Insurance 101, a little—just a quick little video today. Actually, I will title this, “The Definition of Insanity: Reasons to Buy Disability Insurance.” So, what’s the definition of insanity? Of course you … Read the rest


Disability insurance 101 – How much does disability insurance cost?

Kraig:​Hey there, it’s Kraig Strom with brokendude.com, coming to you again from my backyard. Got my humming bird feeder, right over my shoulder. I put that up a few weeks ago and the humming birds have been getting closer and … Read the rest


Disability Insurance 101 – Future Purchase Option

Okay, another video here. Kraig Strom with brokendude.com, continuing the Disability Insurance 101 and another—just a recap on something I’ve actually recorded on before and it is making sure that you find a disability insurance policy that offers an upgrade. … Read the rest


Disability Insurance 101 – Life Insurance Through Disability Insurance

Hello, it’s Kraig Strom with brokendude.com and continuing the series on Disability Insurance 101, as we go through my disability insurance policy. So, today’s lesson actually is going to be life insurance inside disability insurance.  That’s right. If you get … Read the rest


Disability Insurance 101 – Start Small but Start

Hey everybody, it’s Kraig Strom with brokendude.com; coming to you from my backyard today with a continuation of Disability Insurance 101. However, I want to start with a quick story. Read more about Disability Insurance Statistics…… Read the rest


Disability Insurance 101 – Business Overhead Coverage

Hey everybody, it’s Kraig Strom with brokendude.com and back in my office today here in Corona. The real fundamental purpose of Broken Dude is to answer this question: is your paycheck insured? Is your paycheck insured? Read more about Disability Read the rest


Kangaroo SmackDown – Disability Insurance

Accidents happen when you least expect it. Like when you are standing by a pond minding your own business. Then…. WHAM! A kangaroo kicks you in the butt and knocks you into the water!

Eye Opening Facts:
•Half of business … Read the rest