Kangaroo SmackDown – Disability Insurance

Accidents happen when you least expect it. Like when you are standing by a pond minding your own business. Then…. WHAM! A kangaroo kicks you in the butt and knocks you into the water!

Eye Opening Facts:
•Half of business … Read the rest


Spider Attack – Disability Insurance

These days, you are much more likely to be hurt in the kitchen than in a car accident! Especially when there is a giant spider on the ceiling!


Gator Cat

This cat has no fear. These gators could snatch him up in a second. So why don’t the gators go after the cat? It’s because the people have been feeding the gators so the alligator has no reason to be … Read the rest


Alligator Attack – Snack Time

They say that an alligator can sense even the slightest drop of sweat on its tongue. If we know this, why would anyone do this?

Broken Fact: Stroke is a leading cause of serious long–term disability. – Centers for … Read the rest


No Dads In The Pool

Disability is lurking all around us. Some go out of their way to find it on their own. Check out the beer in the dad’s hand when he tries to get in the kiddie pool. Great way to break a … Read the rest


Low Flying Geese

If a friend every says “Here, hang on to this rope and I will yank you off the dock. Oh, you’ve never done this before? Don’t worry, what’s the worst that could happen?” Maybe you should think twice about getting … Read the rest


Kitty Cat Fail

He thinks it through, judges the distance, prepares to launch and SMACK!