The Epitome of Greatness – ALS

Frank Szatkowski is an example someone I’d like to emulate be as a father and husband. He was successful in his practice as a dentist and he was active in the lives of his children. Despite his great health and … Read the rest


Kangaroo SmackDown – Disability Insurance

Accidents happen when you least expect it. Like when you are standing by a pond minding your own business. Then…. WHAM! A kangaroo kicks you in the butt and knocks you into the water!

Eye Opening Facts:
•Half of business … Read the rest


How not to climb a ladder – Disability Insurance

Someone I know was fell off a ladder recently and was hurt badly. He was luckier than this guy who took a nasty smack to the head on national TV.

Did you Know:

•90% of disabilities are caused by illnesses.… Read the rest


Is your PayCheck Insured – Disability Insurance

Stupid stuff? Yes, I have done more than my fair share. Like most people, I don’t look for ways to crash and burn but sometimes, things just find you. One piece of security that I carry with me each day … Read the rest


Can’t Be Lucky all the time – Disability Insurance

Luck is good to have but only lasts so long!

•The average duration of a long-term disability is 30 months.
– JHA Disability Fact Book, 2006
•Nearly 1 in 5 Americans will become disabled for 1 year or more before
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Spider Attack – Disability Insurance

These days, you are much more likely to be hurt in the kitchen than in a car accident! Especially when there is a giant spider on the ceiling!


Busted but Lucky – Disability Insurance

Just over 1 in 4 of today’s 20 year-olds will become disabled before they retire.
Over 36 million Americans are classified as disabled; about 12% of the total population. More than 50% of those disabled Americans are in their … Read the rest


Fun With Friends

Many disabling injuries happen at home while people are doing basic household chores or having fun with friends. Have fun this Memorial Day weekend but remember to be careful!

Disability Insurance Fact: For insured men and women in their … Read the rest