The Epitome of Greatness – ALS

Frank Szatkowski is an example someone I’d like to emulate be as a father and husband. He was successful in his practice as a dentist and he was active in the lives of his children. Despite his great health and … Read the rest


Happens So Fast – Disability Insurance

This same thing happened to a friend of mine but the big difference was that he was unable to climb back out of the bushes. He was never able to walk again.

Disability Fact: 14% of employees personally own a Read the rest


From Out of No Where – Disability Insurance

We are surrounded every day by deadly machines. Most of us don’t pay much attention to the tremendous danger passing by while we are walking down the street or sitting at a stop light. It only takes one second for … Read the rest


Computers Can’t Fix STUPID

A German company has devloped a computer system for motorcycles that alerts riders of possible danger ahead. In this clip, a German news crew has set up to film a demonstration of the new system. One problem… computers cannot fix … Read the rest


Unlucky Dude

Using the cross walk, check. Walking briskly to get out of the road, check. Wrong place at the wrong time, oh crud!


Low Flying Car

Video captured from police dash cam catches a real life Dukes of Hazard jump. In real life, the guy flys into an overpass and the car disintegrates! The most amazing part about this is that he lived. This guy had … Read the rest


Running yourself over

How do you run yourself over? This instructional video will answer all of your questions.


Seatbelt or Concussion?

Given a choice between being cool or having a concussion and a broken back, I will stick with the belt.