About Us

“You are not ready to live until you are prepared to be broken.”

Picture this: There is an ATM machine in your living room and it dispenses $1,500 every week like clockwork. Your cash machine is valued at $1,000,000. Even though you lock your doors and windows at night, your ATM is vulnerable to theft. If you had such a machine, wouldn’t you want to insure it in case someone steals it?

Protecting your family is a big job and we are here to help

People buy car, house, and health insurance. Lots of people buy repair insurance on their flat screen TV and some people buy insurance on their pets. The crazy part is that most people never think about buying insurance to replace the ATM machine that pays for their stuff.

Like most people, you depend on your paycheck to handle your monthly obligations. Disability insurance helps to cover your financial responsibilities if you are broken by illness or injury that makes you unable to work. It’s insurance for your ATM Machine!

BrokenDude.com was created by a regular guy who was tired of pulling punches and dancing around what needed to be said. If you don’t have long term disability insurance, you are not living up to your obligation as a father or a mother. Your ability to earn a living is the ATM machine for the people who depend on you. You owe it to those people to insure the machine.

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Our services are completely free and include:

  • Complete review of your financial situation to figure out what you need
  • Free disability insurance quotes
  • Assistance with completing your application
  • Arranging your free medical exam
  • Expediting the process with a top rated Insurance Company
  • Periodic follow-up to ensure that your policy continues to fit your needs

Our companies include:

  • Assurity Life Insurance
  • Fidelity Security
  • Illinois Mutual
  • MetLife
  • Mutual of Omaha
  • Petersen International
  • Principal
  • The Standard
  • Union Central