Disability Insurance 101 – Life Insurance Through Disability Insurance

Hello, it’s Kraig Strom with and continuing the series on Disability Insurance 101, as we go through my disability insurance policy. So, today’s lesson actually is going to be life insurance inside disability insurance.  That’s right. If you get a good disability insurance policy it will often include a life insurance benefit.

Now right here on my specification page, my data page from my policy, there is a special death benefit that pays $10,500 if I am ultimately killed after I have been disabled for a period of time. If I ultimately die, there is a death benefit that pays out from my disability insurance policy and in this case my policy will pay for a pretty decent funeral. Not the grand regalia and limos and gold headstones and all that kind of stuff that my family’s going to do for me, but you know. It will pay for a very nice funeral. I don’t want to use it, but it’s really nice to know that inside my disability insurance policy I have a nice death benefit that comes along for the ride.

So, look for that. That is a great piece. Better yet, get over there and request a quote. Request information; free disability report. Request a quote below. Someday I’ll actually figure out which way my fingers go when I record these videos. But Disability Insurance 101; disability insurance, that actually includes a life insurance benefit. That’s the lesson for today. Have a good one and I’ll talk to you soon.

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