Disability Insurance 101 – Future Purchase Option

Okay, another video here. Kraig Strom with, continuing the Disability Insurance 101 and another—just a recap on something I’ve actually recorded on before and it is making sure that you find a disability insurance policy that offers an upgrade. Meaning that, you want to be able to upgrade the amount of coverage that you have on an automatic basis. Or in some form of stepped increase and sure enough today, I get in the mail one of my disability insurance companies here sends me a letter that says; “When you purchased your individual disability insurance policy you took a step in the right direction to protect your most valuable asset—your ability to work and earn an income.” And here’s the good part, “Your policy contains an important writer called, Future Benefit Increase, that keeps your benefits up-to-date as your income increases.

So, what happened is, basically I get an automatic update that they give me and this one of my smaller policies that I’ve purchased to add on to what I already have. And they’re going to bump up my monthly disability insurance or paycheck protection and it’s going to cost me a whopping $20 a year. And they’re going to increase and I’ve got a nice benefit upgrade. So fantastic, it’s great. I don’t have to do anything unless I wanted to cancel or not take this benefit. If I want to take the benefit that’s fine, I just leave it alone and it’s just automatic.

So, disability insurance 101 again today the Future Benefit purchase option, so that you can have your disability insurance increase over time; that is a fantastic benefit. Don’t miss that.

Check out all my other posts at: and don’t forget. Get down there and request a quote. Your paycheck is the most important insurance that you could ever have, because let’s face it, all the other insurance that you pay for, everything else you pay for, from your groceries to your car insurance to your home to your mortgage; how would you pay for that, if you didn’t have a paycheck? And yet, most people don’t have their paycheck insured. Are you crazy?

Get a quote today. Get over to, request a quote. You can also go there and request a free booklet, a free report on disability insurance with a lot of great information in it. So again, I’m Kraig Strom, Be safe. I’ll talk to you again.

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